About The Conference


Roulette being the game of pure chance, risk being a situation involving exposure to danger. The game of uncertainty Risk Roulette is a platform where we connect the three powerful concepts of Revelation, Enlightenment & Embracement of predictive/unpredictive risk management within economical and financial cosmos. It is a ground which brings in every present element of the world together under one canopy, to discuss the unprecedented predictions. A forum to address the emerging risks and insights on managing the known and unknown wherein dynamic industrial leading speakers share the critical issues currently facing the risk management community and exploring the future contingencies. The conference will bring together leading experts from academic disciplines and professionals for a one day's conference including keynote plenary sessions, panel discussions,  a special topic session and a professional workshop. the conference welcomes all relevant theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions. 


 DEJA VU being already seen, paradox being a box of uncertainty, the theme being an already seen uncertainty. The overall view gives an insight of economic and financial risk recognition, application based on vivid ideas relating to the field of corporate, public, international, structural and offshore finance. Organisations from large and regional communities will attend this conference, which features recognized speakers and specialized tracks. This conference offers an opportunity to get the latest information on risk management, specialized lending and regulatory issues. you'll learn how to deal with some critical issues facing your organisations today and some that you will face tomorrow. this comprehensive risk management conference aims to investigate the latest and most applicable developments in risk while caring you with the appropriate strategies to manage risk exposure and embed a watertight risk culture. Grab this opportunity to learn state of art best practiced in risk management from accredited experts in the field and defend your business against risks to long term sustainability. 


  • To exchange ideas and experience of research and work in financial institution
  • to emphasis on practical issues within the fields of finance and insurance
  • To constitute a vibrant forum for presenting scientific ideas and result of new research in the area of investment theory,financial markets, banking, insurance and risk management
  • to promote and exchange opinions about the challenges facing with current financial arrangements in the global world and to consider the initiative that are currently underway.
  • To explore a possible mandate for recommendations for government standardization and regulatory bodies, market surveillance authorities on development and implementation of risk management techniques
  • Better understanding of the range of different perspectives regarding the potential for further improvements in the area of risk behavior
  • Promoting and exchanging experiences on the use if risk management techniques in the areas of regulatory corporation and market surveillance.


  • The impact of risk management in credit agencies
  • How the principles-based risk assessment enables organisations to take right risks
  • Smart Beta Investing
  • Development of financial derivatives market in IndiaVolatility suppression
  • Peculiarities of insurance principles & it's abuse by fraudsters
  • Debt & risk management strategy implementation, including execution and access to the capital and derivatives market
  • Digital disruptions and innovation in banking and insurance